Ah, finally!

selfdeclaredqueen requested this forever and a million years ago and I finally finished Sebastian and Severin! I decided to post them together since, well, reasons. And they are a set.

Because Jim and Rich were in movement, I made the lazy Moran brothers stationary. (Also, everyone stares creepily at the viewer.) Severin was a challenge to decide on and if I ever start drawing him regularly, I would probably give him completely different scarring but apparently, I have a thing for obstructive facial scars or something. I dunno. (Seb is also getting a revamp on some of his but I haven’t gotten around to the new map yet. His original scar map took me like a week to finish and that’s why I didn’t sit down and plan out Severin’s. Like tattoos, it takes me a long time to settle.)

I was also going to give Severin more of a growing-in buzzcut but he was being a real dick about it so he got something vaguely resembling how hippano draws Seb’s hair.

This took so long basically because I was in a downward swing for art moods. And also a couple days got sucked up by Sims 4 and my (first!) commission. XD  I’m sorry for the wait, selfdeclaredqueen! But I appear to be on the train again, so let’s get to the next item on the list! chug chug.

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Just imagine Dean kissing Cas for the first time, and Cas being completely shocked -

And Dean taking advantage of the momentary lapse to stab Castiel with the angel blade; the demon laughing as the life fades from those blue eyes.

And then imagine Cas covering Dean’s demon eyes as he sinks to the floor, trying to remember the real Dean. His Dean.image